Thursday, January 21, 2010



I work in a bingo hall. It is the single most interesting job I've ever punched the time clock at. Working in the hall can be frustrating like any other job, but the people watching more than makes up for any of the stress involved. Outside the hall most of the customers follow the same rules and societal expectations as the rest of us, inside the hall it's a completely different world with it's own set of rules and expectations. Increasingly, I look at where I work less as a job and more as a series of anthropological observations. I plan to document the odds and ends of working in the bingo hall and write an ongoing series on this blog. I'm still trying to work out a title.... "Inside The Hall" "Tales from The Hall" "BINGO!: The Musical" "The Passion of the Bingo Player"

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theo said...

How about"

"And Bingo was his Name-o... Observations of a Bingo Parlor Worker"