Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Almighty Boob Dollar

Money makes the world go ‘round. As such you need a safe place to keep your money. Some people choose a safe deposit box, in between their mattresses or maybe in a coffee can hidden deep in the recesses of the kitchen cabinet next to the canned spinach. The women of the bingo hall are no different. They need for their money to be safe and a purse sitting on the table isn’t exactly Fort Knox when it comes to security. So, the ladies of the bingo hall do what any sensible person would do and they keep their money on them at all times. While many of them choose the logical pant or shirt pocket, a select group of radical free thinkers have found an impregnable fortress that not even the most savvy of pickpockets could ever plunder. The bra. Or as one of the regulars likes to call it, “the commonwealth”, as she dives wrist deep down her shirt searching for that roll of twenties. Every night of the week I collect many a boob-dollar, usually in a clammy, wrinkled state. It was a little disgusting in the beginning, but when you consider the places most of our paper currency has been, a little sweat seems to be the least of my worries and when you work in a tip based business, you’ll take what you can get. That is until I have to start writing about “Crotch Dollars”, then it might be time to find a new career.

Looks like an enterprising individual has found a way to capitalize off of the needs of the security conscious bingo player… The Cleavage Caddy!!! <----- Clicky

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