Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cordoba, Argentina.

I only got to spend two days in Cordoba, which is a shame really as it seemed to be a pretty nice little city. We were surprised at how busy the city was. Every street was packed and it felt more like a New York than even Buenos Aires did.
This developer actually paid to have the building taken apart and shipped brick by brick from South Beach Miami.

Classic European style.

The view from the hill at the edge of downtown.

Cordoba Colors
Again we found some really nice colors in this city.

Mopeds in Cordoba
The entire block was filled from end to end of nothing but mopeds of every size, shape and color.

Cordoba hostel dog
This was our hostel dog, Jujuy. She was friendly enough as long as you didn't try to move her off of the TV room couch.

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