Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leaving Buenos Aires pt.1

These are from my last few days in Buenos Aires before leaving for Cordoba.

Green Bus
There was a major rally being held in Plaza San Martin and everyone was bussed into the city on buses like this.

Plaza de Mayo Protest
There had been a major protest held by farmers for the previous few weeks where they were creating road blocks to keep goods from reaching the markets because they felt they were being unfairly taxed. The President had called for her supporters to come to the city and let their voice be heard and show the farmers what they were up against. Political protests and rallies area major part of life here. The people actually try do do something whent hey feel they are being mistreated

Less than forty minutes outside of BsAs is a city situated on the Parana River Delta called Tigre. Much of the city is spread out amongst many different canals and rivers. Many of the people get around by boat rather than owning a car.

Dead Boat
One of the many skeleton boats littering the waterways.

BsAs Flower
This is the Floraris Generica sculpture in the Recoleta neighborhood. It's almost 2 stories tall and closes at night just like the flower it is made after

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Anonymous said...

very nice photos!! im staying in my apartment in Buenos Aires near Alto Palermo. Do you recommend to visit tigre?