Thursday, May 29, 2008

Posados, Argentina

After Cordoba we headed north west towards the Iguazu Falls. We stopped in a little town along the way called Posados.

Stuffed Turtle
This was in the commons room of our residencia, which is basically a large home that has been turned into a mini hotel. Yes, that is turtle in the fireplace.

Stuffed Stuff
They really liked the dead animals here. This ramped up the creepyness factor just a tad.

Twin windows
I think this house really needs some foundation repair. I couldn't figure out how to straighten the shot at all while I was framing the shot.

Taxi stand in the Jungle
Taxi stand in the middle of the jungle. Posados was our first taste of the jungle and it was a welcome change from the rolling plains of BsAs and Cordoba.

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