Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dusk at 33,000 feet.

33,000 Feet

Physically I tend to feel pretty uncomfortable when I fly. At close to six foot, two inches, I spend most flights with my knees shoe-horned against the seat in front of me. Airplanes are just not built for taller folks. I am never able to adjust to the pressure changes so I end up with a headache in a semi-nauseous, sinus pressure-filled state for the duration of my flight. Having said all that, I absolutely love to fly. It is one of my favorite things. I always try to book a window seat because otherwise the poor person next to me would have to spend the whole flight with me staring past them out their window. I am filled with the awe of an 8 year-old on their very first plane trip, every single time I take my cramped window seat. The whole process amazes me. As long as there are views like this outside my window, I can take being packed like a sardine.

p.s. The comedian Louis C.K. has a great bit about flying that pretty much sums up how I feel. The flying part starts at the 2 minute mark, but the whole video is hilarious!!!

"You're sitting in a chair... IN THE SKY!"

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