Monday, May 12, 2008

Graffiti of Buenos Aires and Montevideo

Graffiti is part of every culture. We are used to seeing it in many places we go. But in Argentina and Uruguay it blankets virtually everything. Monuments, Museums, Gravestones are fair game. Not that this doesn't happen in the states. It's just so much more prevalent here. When somebody is angry about something they scream about it, but not verbally, the mouth replaced by a can of spray paint. However most of the angry graffiti is not very aesthetically pleasing so I tended to gravitate towards the more creative pieces I found while traversing the cities.

A trip to Buenos Aires would not be complete without some obligatory Che imagery.


BsAs Stencil

BsAs Graffiti

Montevideo Paste-Up

Montevideo Graffiti

Hammer and Sickle

Jesus is on the Juice
Jesus is on the juice.


Buenos Aires graffiti collage
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