Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19.

Bingo Bingo Bingo Bingo

Birthday Bingo!

I actually worked at this hall for over year, so when I came back to visit Austin I had to stop by and say hi. I've only played bingo once at one other hall and I could barely keep up with one sheet while the regulars effortlessly dobbed four sheets at a time. So the chances of winning anything were slim and none. As we were driving to the hall I told my fiancee not to make a big deal if she were to win because the regulars would recognize me and suspect the fix was in. They are a naturally suspicious people and already assume it's all rigged unless they win anyways. Seeing a former employee win would only reaffirm their paranoia.

Sure enough in the second game I got to scream "BINGO!!!" in the silent hall (which feels great, by the way) and right on queue I was being glared at by all the regulars. My mom always said that when people were talking about you your ears would start to burn. My ears were on fire. The hall is a funny place, it has a very community-like feel. Most people are pretty nice to each other as they feel like they all have a big common hobby. They are super friendly... that is until someone wins. Then they think that person is a cheater or paid off the caller. Completely forgetting that bingo is a game of chance and pretty difficult to cheat at. Each of the regulars turns into a bingo version of Alex Jones. Absolutely certain, without any proof that somebody somewhere is conspiring to take something from them. Nobody said you had to be sane to enjoy bingo. I collected my cool $125 in winnings and went on to lose the next 5 games like any non-cheater might and all was right in the bingo universe once more.

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