Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hello Ladies.

Hello Ladies!

My name is Carl. I'm a Yellow-bellied mountain marmot and I'm looking for love. As you can see, I've done quite well for myself. I've got my own perch with a mountain view and a sweet little burrow under a pile of rocks. I like long walks on the sides of mountains and laying out on rocks for most of the day. I'm really good at evading predators, so you know I'd make a good dad. My friends say I'm the funniest mountain dwelling rodent they've ever met. I'm just looking for a good furry woman who likes to gnaw on mountain flora and doesn't mind spending up to nine months hibernating in a confined space with me.

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Allie Cornblath said...

This is a cute photo! You should submit some of your work to Canon’s Project Imaginat10n: