Thursday, January 19, 2012

Three Ohhh.

Three Oh

Being an internationally renowned thinker, I thought it important to share with my millions of loyal readers what I've learned in my first thirty years. What follows is bound to be some of the most important information you will read all day. Feel free to take notes!

1.Say please and thank You

2.Never challenge a stop light camera

3.Wash our hands after cutting peppers BEFORE you go to the bathroom

4.Logic is not the way of the world

5.As soon as you have it figured out, it will change

6.Mint Chocolate Chip is highly underrated

7.Always order margaritas on the rocks, more alcohol for the same money

8.Scarface is not as good as you think it is 9.Hyphenated names make things more difficult, just pick one

10.College is important but way overpriced

11.There is nothing quite like sitting in the stands of a baseball game with a hot dog and a beer

12.Always look before you zip

13.Bacon is GREAT, but we seem to have gone overboard sometime back, bacon mints and flavored popcorn are a little much

14.Travel as much as you can afford to

15.Street food is awesome

16.Appreciate everything

17.No picture does the Grand Canyon justice, it simply must be seen in person

18.Live simply

19.Skinny Jeans look uncomfortable

20.Colorado is not as cold as you think it is

21.Texas is as hot as you think it is

22.Nobody wears a moustache quite like Tom Sellek

23.As soon as you get out of line for what looks like a shorter one, your old line will move much faster

24.Obsessively refreshing Facebook will make your friends post something new

25.80's movies made me expect to hear a music montage every time I was hard at work getting stuff done

26.Beer is more complex than wine

27.Mohawks are way more work than you think

28.Running a marathon is way way more work than you think

29.After running a marathon, you'll find lots of ways to work it into random conversations

30.Writing lists is more important and fun than doing laundry

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Tyler! I love the bit about marathons!