Wednesday, October 05, 2011

It's Good To Be The King.

Elk Bull Elk chillin' out in the park. Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's laughing at how good he has it. Elk in Estes Park Surrounded by his ladies. Looks like a smile to me. Elk in Estes Park Oh, how the ladies do swoon for him. Elk in Estes Park Gotta keep an eye on the competition. Elk in Estes Park We were told by a park employee that these two much younger elk were trying to challenge the big bull for his harem of lovely elk babes. But after an altercation the previous day, the two elk decided it was in their best interests to keep their distance as well as a chain link fence between them and the big bull.

We came across this wild heard of elk as we were driving through Estes Park, Colorado. They had decided to make their temporary home on the town's little league baseball fields. There were roughly twenty-five elk in total with one big bull, three younger bulls and the rest being the cows that make up the harem belonging to the big guy. It was an interesting scene as the elk did not seem troubled by all the folks standing nearby with cameras in tow. In fact they seemed to relish it. This was my first up close encounter with elk and I was surprised at how relaxed and even lethargic they appeared. Being a close cousin to deer I expected them to be much more antsy, nervous and spastic, but as it turns out they are the polar opposite. The pictures don't do justice to their size. These are big animals and could definitely do some harm if they wanted to. But they seem to be much more inclined to lay out by the lake and catch some rays.

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