Thursday, October 13, 2011

Being One With Nature.

One with nature The problem with taking pictures in "touristy" areas is that there will always be tourists there. We were in Rocky Mountain National Park and there were nearly as many people there as trees. Everyone had flocked there for the fall colors and the start of rutting season. Almost every time I'd pull off the road for us to shoot something three or four cars would follow suit as if we were their tour guide. They would point their camera in the same direction that we would and assume they were getting a great shot and hop back in their cars and drive off. I found this to be a little annoying but also very funny. I wondered if they didn't see a car pull off the side of the road would they actually ever stop to take pictures.

In this particular instance we pulled off the road to take some pictures, my girlfriend going to one way and me an other. You see, we are in the same part of the park but we both have different ideas and angles we explore. I decided to climb as small hill that had a clearing to get a wider view of the mountainside. No sooner do I reach the clearing when I a carload of people pulls up and this fellow decided he wants the picture I'm taking. He actually climbs(in the process, blocking my shot) to the exact same place where I was standing and began shooting, from the exact same angle, what I was shooting. This actually pissed me off. You have this giant park and you can't take your own picture? Anyway, I let it slide and walked off. The joke was on him, as the the angle of the sun led to tons of lens flare and thus not so pretty pictures. Plus, I felt he made for a pretty funny photo op and decided to use his picture instead.

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Ben said...

Strange and funny. Hope you have still taken some nice autumn shots there.