Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Ol' World.

Our golf partner.


deborahrosereeves said...

Love this Tyler.

When my sister was young she had three "pet" ladybirds and was distraught when they flew away. She didn't know anyone could hear her and to this day we still tease her about sitting at the bottom of the stairs singing a song about them in a very mournful country and western voice. Sorrowfull stuff!

Anyway, to this day I still have a strange soft spot for the little ladies, i suppose 'cause they remind me of my Jenny and her dear little heart :)

Tyler said...

Too funny! I used to try and catch them all the time as a kid. I would always get terribly attached to them and when they would either escape or die I would get very upset. I still have a thing for bugs and now I can be found on my my knees in the middle of a busy golf course trying to get pictures of them, haha.