Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Resolutions.

It's that time a year when everyone starts making those oh so fun New Years resolutions. I know, I know all you cool kids out there don't believe in such things as it means buying in to a mass cultural idea, thus robbing it of any sense of originality. I, however am a goal oriented gent, and I'm a big fan of them. The trick to a good resolution is not picking something too broad like "I want to loose weight", that makes it difficult to reach your goal. You need to have actual benchmarks like "I want to loose 10 pounds by March" or "I want to eliminate sodas from my diet". Also there is no need to stop at just one resolution. You have three hundred sixty-five days use, so make the most of that time to better yourself.

My 2011 Resolutions:

*Read 30 or more Books (I will not count children's books. Maybe.)
*Summit 4 or more 14ers (I promise not to just drive my car to the top and say I hiked there. Maybe.)
*Finish a Triathlon (Will they let you complete the swimming portion while wearing arm floaties?)
*Spend 20 nights sleeping under the stars (Nightlight and bear mace optional)
*Bicycle a Century (Riding 100 miles doesn't seem too bad as long as the whole course is downhill.)

Happy New Year!!!


Deborah Rose said...

Yay on the reading resolution, that's very cool. I'm also someone who needs goals and lists to check off so I'm a big fan of New Year even if it's not the hip thing to do. In fact I resolve to never be cool or hip - easiest goal I've ever achieved!

Tyler said...

Thanks. The list you sent really helped. Also, my Dad bought me a Kindle for Christmas and I seem to be able to read more comfortably on it. Somehow it helps calm my A.D.D ways that have always made reading so difficult. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the new year. Hope you guys have a good one too!