Monday, January 24, 2011

500th Post!

Nanny Goat. Kendall, KS

After just over four years of diligent on again/off again posting, I've hit the 500 post mark. What does this mean? Well, I'm not really sure. I do know that the seven people who actually visit this site must have run out of things to do on the internet long ago. I also know that my investors are probably just a little miffed that the $75,000 they gave me to build what they thought would be a very profitable porn site hasn't quite produced the returns that they had expected. Who knew a photoblog wouldn't be a real cash cow? I keep telling them to be patient, but Mexican drug kingpins and Chechen Rebels aren't exactly known for their patience. Thanks for your continued support and feedback is always sometimes appreciated.


p.s. If anyone by the name of Javier or Sergei ask if you've seen me, tell them I'm away on business. Thanks!


Deborah Rose said...

Congratulations from one of the sad seven with nothing else to do. Yay unemployment!

Tyler said...

Thanks! Hey, there is nothing sad about being one of the seven readers. I like to think of it as being elite! The few, the proud, the blog readers.