Thursday, September 23, 2010


103 floors up, 1,353 feet down.

I have something in common with this kid. No, it's not that we both enjoy a good Capri Sun or we are proud wearers of Sponge Bob underoos, it's the fact that neither of us is afraid of heights. But our kindred spirit of fearlessness have different roots. He's not a afraid because he hasn't learned to be afraid yet. Most of our fears are based on past experiences and when you don't have many past experiences there just isn't much that scares you.

Where as my lack of fear is based on the naive belief that surely this 1-1/2-inch-thick piece of glass will hold me and the 10 other Chicago deep dish pizza stuffed tourists wedged into the deck and a prayer that the architect that designed this structure didn't party too hard in college and sleep through his early morning classes on load-bearing glass panels and how to use them. Seriously, have you watched that Engineering Disasters show on the History Channel? I don't know how any building stays together. I'm never leaving the ground floor again.


Electric Blue said...

This is horrifying! Makes me nervous just looking at it through your lens.

ash greenway said...

Loving that Photo. Unreal...and I agree with what you say. Nice words.

shreddin said...

very interesting photos