Monday, February 25, 2008

Mannequin 3: The He/She

In a time when Hollywood is perfectly content with remakes and sequels rather than original ideas, I thought it time to revive one of the 80's most heart warming franchises, Mannequin. The only problem is we as a society in 2008 are much to jaded to accept the same cheesy story line of the two previous Mannequin movies. Those were made in the 80's, which were simpler times. We need something gritty and complex to hold our attention. This Mannequin movie will need to be dark. This mannequin will be a He/She. We could get Charlize Theron to play her/him. She already played a lesbian serial killer to win an Oscar and we all know the Academy Awards love uncomfortable movies about society misfits. I'm submitting my script asap as this is an idea well overdue.

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PorchLady said...

damn, I put this up once already, perhaps the gods that be didn't like my suggestion of John Travolt vs Charlize Theron