Monday, December 04, 2006

Randomness abounds!

Scary Mary

This is Scary Mary. I found her in the streets when I lived in the Bronx. She is missing an arm but still manages to crack a smile. Some might find her story to be inspirational in how she rose from the streets overcame the horrible accident that took her arm, yet she is still able to have a sense of humor about life. I just find her rather creepy.


I found this to be an interesting character study of light bulbs. The curves, the fluid lines, they encompass so much beauty... ok I'm bullshitting you. They are freaking light bulbs for god sakes!!!! I hope you weren't buying into that.

Bubba T. Jenkins

This is Bubba T. Jenkins. He is a pitt bull mix. He has no sense of spacial relations, thus if you are sitting at one end of a huge couch he will make sure so sit in such a way that his ass is all in your face.

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Anonymous said...

I think pit bulls know they are intimidating so they do certain things to fuck with us. They stare you down, get right up in your face and come charging without notice. But deep down inside they are special. ('tards!!)